DIY - Project

I bought some vintage plates and dishes in a second-hand shop

and special porcelain glue and sticked it together into a cake/cookie stand!

It´s a birthday present for my friend :)


  1. this is SO CUTE dear !! love it and I'm definitely gonna try to do one too someday :) thanks for the inspiration !

    have a great day, much love from http://makeitsparkling.blogspot.com <3

  2. Oooon wow how freaking CUUUUTE I love this!
    I have quite a few of pieces myself and I feel like doing the same with them!
    They are in a gorgeous hot pink color!!

    thanx so much for the sweet comment on my blog,you have a wonderfull blog here
    maybe we can follow eachother and share our fashionadventures lol

    much love

    Tamara Chloé

  3. aaah I just noticed on blogloving I allready followed you hihi,well I didnt follow on blogloving yet,so thats why I didn't regognize you ...blush

    any ways following you on blogloving now,and looking forward to keep up to date with all your new posts of you coming up! xoxo

  4. Gosh! Cutest DIY I've seen in months!!
    Big kisses from Barcelona :)