Introducing Stylight

We´re sure our German readers already heard about STYLIGHT,
 because they have a stunning commercial on TV.
Today we want to tell you something 
about the rising fashion community.

STYLIGHT is definitely a site for fashion lovers.
You can share your own style with the members 
and they can vote for their favourite looks. 
But Stylight is different than 
other sites like lookbook or chictopia. 
Posting your style you can create a very nice collage!
 It´s possible to add outfit pictures, music, videos, quotes and products to your post. This way it´s possible to create a nice and individual profile!

The looks are neatly arranged and so it´s very easy 
to check the looks on the first sight.
We want to show you some of our favourite looks on STYLIGHT :)

 Midi Love

Urban Chic

Hippie Style

Autumn Inspiration

If you like you can visit our profile on Stylight 

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